September Decorating Diary

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve been craving the Autumn. I feel like the Summer has almost disappeared and I long for darker nights, knitwear, fluffy socks, cups of tea and hot chocolate with marshmallows (obvs), extra throws and pillows on my bed (much to my husband’s dismay) and leaves falling from the trees. I’m all about the home comforts and hygge right now.

'I’m all about the home comforts and hygge right now.'

Whilst writing this, we are currently in the midst of decorating five rooms at once. I realise how crazy that sounds, but we’ve gone for the same colour of paint in each room (Farrow & Ball Cornforth White which is a beautiful light muted grey) with a couple of feature papered walls and we’re also getting the same wooden vinyl flooring throughout the hallway, lounge, dining room and kitchen. Grey is most definitely my colour du jour and I feel that my tastes have definitely evolved of late.

For the first time ever, we have hired other people to do the decorating for us. It has meant that the work has been completed in less than half the time and the finish has been a lot more professional. Also, when you have two young children running about, there’s barely any time to think let alone revamp your living space.

I must admit that I was ever so slightly concerned about the lack of carpet under my feet in the living room on those cold winter nights, so I was able to treat myself to a rug which I had been eyeing up for quite some time. I had spotted the rug on Pinterest and eventually tracked it down after watching vlogger Emma Hills’ YouTube channel! It was from La Redoute and I purchased it straight away when I spotted a 30% off discount code, I mean how could I not? Needless to say, I am extremely excited to put the rug in pride of place once my new flooring is down.

I am not sure if it’s just me, but I feel that our little family struggles so much with shoe storage! There are always shoes lying about, usually in every room. To alleviate the problem, I purchased two white wooden shoe racks from Argos to put in my bedroom, my little girl Mollie has a ‘shoe drawer’ in her room and Oliver has room for shoes in his fitted wardrobes. I have also bought the Brusali Shoe Storage cabinet from Ikea to put in the hallway and I am hoping this will mean the end to tripping over the many pairs of Converse that we own as a family, which are usually just strewn across the floor.

'I am hoping this will mean the end to tripping over the many pairs of Converse that we own as a family, which are usually just strewn across the floor.'

Up until now, I have not really been one for displaying ornaments or putting up and styling shelves, however, I have been heavily influenced by Instagram, Pinterest and a new found love for prints, hanging plants and succulents. I recently popped to Ikea and came home with three of the Mosslanda picture ledges for my living room and bedroom. I now have a home for the Desenio prints that have been hidden away in a box and for a gorgeous hessian print I had done by One Seven Studio some time ago.

My New Bedroom Picture Ledge

On the subject of shelving, my dad kindly offered to make me some shelves for my kitchen, to fill a large unused piece of wall and I am over the moon with the results and love them all the more because he made them for me. Whilst they took some time for him to complete in between work, I collected them last week which was also a nice excuse to see him. My husband put them up for me the next day (which was great as I hate waiting for things like this) and I spent a good hour or so styling them with bits and bobs that I had collected in preparation.

My New Kitchen Shelves

In addition to the changes already mentioned, we decided quite impulsively to remove our vertical blinds and we have opted for made to measure wooden venetian blinds from Dunelm. I love the wooden shutter feel that they give off without the hefty price tag. The blinds are due to be fitted tomorrow after living with newspaper taped to our living room and bedroom windows. This is something I certainly won’t miss, especially as I could probably recite from memory now, each and every headline from the Sun newspaper from three weeks back. One thing I was really surprised at however, is how warm the house felt from just a few thin sheets of newspaper!

'One thing I was really surprised at however, is how warm the house felt from just a few thin sheets of newspaper!'

I suppose one thing that I have not yet let slip and that you may not have gathered about me just yet, is that I am generally quite an untidy person. This is something I am working on, like all the time, but if you were to come to my house unannounced, you could expect to find unmade beds, clothes on the floor, an ironing pile the size of Roseberry Topping (a beautiful hill in North Yorkshire, if you’re from the North East you’ll know) although slightly less picturesque and a pile of unwashed pots despite owning a dishwasher. If something can wait til later, it usually does.

'I have always been a huge procrastinator and I put things off til the last minute but I’m still hopeful that my inner Monica will take over soon.'

I am working hard towards becoming a tidy person, I really am. I admire my friends whose homes have a lovely lived in but clean and tidy vibe as that’s my goal. I have always been a huge procrastinator and I put things off til the last minute but I’m still hopeful that my inner Monica will take over soon, this will just become second nature and my home will forever smell of Zoflora. I also need to tame my whirlwind children and train them to pick up after themselves and keep their own rooms tidy as that’s half the battle. Until then, to all my friends reading this, please continue to give me notice if you’re planning on popping over.

I’m just hoping that this overhaul will help to build momentum and from now on our home will remain lovely and tidy. This may just be wishful thinking though.

If anyone has any tips on keeping a clean and tidy home, please feel free to share. Also if anyone enjoys ironing, feel free to pop round (providing you give appropriate notice of course).

Update: So all did not go to plan with the flooring in our front room, the floorboards weren't completely even and so we had to decide between forking out a lot more money to have the floorboards prepped or to go with carpet. We decided to opt for a mid grey flecked tone carpet in the end but my rug has pride of place on top of this and I've still loving having carpet under my feet.

The Living Room

The blinds look lovely though and I'm so happy with my shoe storage solutions!! I've had lots of compliments on my paint colour choice and I feel like I have some much needed love back for my home. It's been a long time coming.

Recent Ikea purchases

I also had a lovely visit to Ikea where I purchased some new curtains and decorative pieces for the house. This was a fantastic excuse to get some Meatballs and Daim cake from the canteen and bring some of the Raspberry and Chocolate Kafferep biscuits home with me too :)


BRUSALI Shoe cabinet

MOSSLANDA Picture ledge



DRÖMBILD Mugömbild-mug-clear-glass-art-00417452/

ÖVERSIKT Mugöversikt-mug-striped-art-90353870/


LÄMPLIG Chopping boardämplig-chopping-board-art-00394380/

Afaw Berber Style Rug

Faux Leather Soft Stud Tote Bag

I Love Us Hessian Print

Bon Appetit print

Pink Tulipe No 3 Print

Monstera Three Print

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