My Autumn Soup Recipe

At this time of year, I absolutely love homemade soup. Not only does it make me feel warm and cosy inside, but it makes me feel as though I'm being healthy and getting some much needed veg. Also Summer bodies are made in the colder months right?

So last week I made some Autumn inspired homemade soup and thought I would share the recipe with you. I have a soup maker which I use, like a lot, just like this one here. They're amazing, like a big kettle where you stick in everything cold and raw (or partially raw), and just half an hour later you can have beautiful chunky or blended soup. If you don't have a soup maker, then a big old pan will do.

So here's a list of the ingredients I used, but feel free to swap these around for food items you have in at home or to coincide with your own personal tastes.


Cooked Chicken

Knorr Chicken Stock Pot x 2


3 medium carrots

2 large onions (white or red)

1 sweet potato

fresh parsley

fresh watercress


Single or Double cream

salt and pepper to taste

If you fancy homemade croutons, then you'll need....

2 slices of bread (or more if you're a crouton lover)

some fresh Rosemary

With this recipe, you should get approximately four portions and I find homemade soup usually stays fresh for two days in your fridge.


Start by chopping up your onion, carrots, sweet potato and chicken in to small chunks.

Fry a little butter in a frying pan and add in the onion, carrot and sweet potato. Fry for approximately 5-10 minutes on a medium heat until browned off, then transfer in to your soup maker or pan.

Add in your cooked chicken, Knorr Chicken Stock Pots, watercress and a bit of parsley and top up your pan or soup maker with cold water.

If using a soup maker, select which setting you'd prefer (chunky or smooth), switch on and wait for the beep. I sometimes select chunky, then use the blend feature afterwards to get the consistency I want.

If using a pan, cook on a medium heat until cooked through. Then, you can choose to leave the soup chunky, use a potato masher to break this up a bit or use a normal or handheld blender to make it smooth.

While the soup is cooking away, melt a knob of butter in to a frying pan, cut up your bread in to small squares and add this in as well. I usually use the same pan I used for the onion, carrot and sweet potato to avoid washing up, but also because you might get a bit of added flavour.

Brown off the bread so that you get a slightly crispy and charred look. If you'd like to, add some fresh Rosemary in also a minute or two before taking the pan off the heat.

Once your soup is ready, use a ladle to spoon some into a bowl. Swirl a bit of single or double cream in to it, and garnish with a sprig of fresh parsley.

If you're a bread lover like me, then a fresh baguette or crusty bread roll and butter are an excellent accompaniment.

If you try out my recipe, I'd love to know what you think! I may even share some more of my favourite recipes on my blog, so watch this space.

Top tips!

- Use Roast Chicken, this just tastes so much nicer than chicken breast in your soup

- One of the game changers for me was browning off the onion and other veg first, before adding this to the other ingredients. This adds an amazing flavour to the soup.

- If you're making a Sunday dinner, just set aside some extra chicken and veg for your soup to make this at the same time. This will save you some time and washing up.

- Fresh soup can freeze really well, just find an appropriate bowl to transfer this in to and pop it in to your freezer til you need it.

- For croutons, try bloomer or tiger bread. Cut some up an hour or so before you need it and leave it uncovered so that it dries out slightly before putting this in to your frying pan.

- If you're wanting to cut back on calories, try using fry light instead of butter to brown off your onion and veg and to fry off your croutons. Stick with the single cream to finish off with or switch to skimmed milk instead.

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