All the opinions and views mentioned on Dusky Pink Diaries (www.duskypinkdiaries.com) and all associated social media pages are my own (Gemma Anderton). I aim to give a fair and honest opinion and view in all instances however, I acknowledge that everybody is different and that my likes, views and recommendations will not suit everybody. It is certainly not my intention to insult or offend anybody as a result of what I write or post on my website or social media pages. When it comes to product reviews, some of the products I use or write about may not be suitable or may not work for your skin type. 

I aim to give a fair and honest opinion on the products I speak about. I will be honest if I dislike a particular product or if this does not work for me, or alternatively I will choose not to write about the product at all, as I dislike negativity. I will always feature products that I believe are worthy. I would never accept payment in return for a review or post on a product that I didn't believe in.

I may choose to use affiliate links for some of the products I talk about or recommend. This does not cost you anything more, but I may earn a small commission fee as a result of any sales which have originated from the link used. The comes from the retailer, as a small thank you for introducing the reader or follower to the product. Cookies are used on this site to track this information.

I am the author of the images used on my website, blog and social media pages. Please do not use any of the imagery for professional purposes or material without my prior agreement and consent. If you would like to use any of the images on Dusky Pink Diaries for your own blog post or social media, please credit this accordingly in the caption and link back to this blog and my corresponding social media pages. I will make sure that I credit any external images to confirm their original sources. Please email me at duskypinkdiaries@gmail.com to let me know if any of the credits are inaccurate or missed and I will deal with this immediately.

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